While it is true that your child just started the school year, it is already time to begin planning for your student’s next academic year. Independent (private) schools around Charlotte begin their tours and open houses in October for next year’s students. CMS schools are also beginning their rounds of Open Houses for next year’s class. So, if you are trying to decide next year’s academic route, now is the time to start shopping for the school that is the perfect fit for your child. If you need help finding that perfect fit, give us a call.

The list below lays out the key dates for CMS schools, including lottery dates for magnets.

Key Dates 2016-17 School Year

New students may begin enrolling for the 2016-17 school year:October 5, 2015

Last day for new students to enroll and be eligible for the First School Options Lottery:January 11, 2016

Student Assignment Notification letters begin arriving in homes: first week of December 2015

Application period for the first lottery: December 4, 2015 – January 25, 2016 at 10:00pm

School Options Fair at Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology: January 9, 2016

Lottery notification letters for first lottery arrive in homes: late February 2016

Request for Reassignment period for 1st lottery: December 4, 2015 – March 18, 2016

New student enrollment period for second lottery: January 12, 2016 – May 13, 2016 (Student Placement will enter these enrollments between February 22, 2016 – May 27, 2016) Student Assignment Notification letters for the second lottery begin arriving in homes: late March 2016

Application period for second lottery: March 7, 2016 – June 6, 2016 at 10:00pm

Request for Transfer period for current CMS students and students who future enrolled by January 11, 2016: December 4, 2015 – July 14, 2016

Request for Transfer period for students who future enrolled after January 11, 2016: February 22, 2016 – July 14, 2016

Request for Reassignment Period for the second lottery: June 20, 2016 – July 14, 2016 (Once families receive their Student Assignment Notification letters, they may go online to submit a Request for Reassignment/Transfer) Lottery notification letters for second lottery arrive in homes: late June 2016

New students must enroll at their home school after May 13, 2016. If families wish to be considered for placement in a school other than the home school, they must submit a request for reassignment within 10 days of enrolling.