How we help you:

We are school consultants who value a child’s unique strengths and interests.  Our caring approach helps families choose the best-fit school for their child.

What we do:

  • We learn your views regarding the kind of education you want for you child.

  • We capture a clear profile of your child and determine what available school options best fit your child and family.

  • We present detailed information about each school, beyond the sometimes misleading test score data.

  • We visit each school and evaluate whether it is an effective learning environment for your child.

Learn more about your specific situation or need by clicking the button you are interested in.  If you would like preschool help, please contact us directly. ~ Thanks!

We offer three consulting plans. The type of plan depends on the family’s goals for their child, the number of children requiring services and the types of schools being targeted. After our initial phone contact, families are directed to the appropriate plan.  The cost for helping you find the perfect school is approximately $100 per hour. Our family sessions can be held at your home, office, or on-line.

School Search 101

  • Not sure where to begin? This plan helps families develop a school search strategy for their child. We also provide a best-fit school recommendation to get you started.

Advanced School Search

  • This comprehensive plan is for families needing more in-depth assistance in finding the right school. Our personalized discussions about your child’s needs and your educational priorities guides our research and helps us analyze school options. We provide best-fit school recommendations for you to explore.

Premier School Investigation

  • Families facing a complicated school search situation may need more in-depth expertise. This plan may involve multiple children or unique circumstances that require more detailed research and discussion of needs. The plan also fits families who are relocating to Charlotte.

Parent Seminars

  • This 60 minute seminar, priced per person, provides families with strategic knowledge and practical steps to take for a successful school search. This seminar is reserved for groups requesting our service. Prior approval required before registration. NOTE: $15.00 per person.

* if you are budget sensitive, we recommend that you contact us directly about your situation.  You can let us know your needs and we can figure out a cost effective way to help you.

Why Choose Us

      • Over 60 years combined experience in education professionally and personally.

      • Each of us have reared children through all phases of schooling, from preschool education to launching to college.

      • Extensive academic and professional network in the Char-Meck area.

      • We genuinely care about all children getting the best education and experience they can.

What People Say

This team has extremely deep knowledge of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system and its related options. They are a valuable asset whether you are a newcomer, or existing resident with children rising to new levels in the system. Contact them if you are concerned or confused by the options in front of you.

Charlotte Resident, Charlotte Resident

The staff at Charlotte School Search gave me the peace of mind that we were going to learn about the best schooling options for our daughter. Choosing a school isn’t always about proximity or cost. It is about finding an educational environment that your child will thrive in. CSS has the knowledge and experience to help make this happen.

Nancy, Mom of a 3rd grade student