Charlotte School Seminars and Talks

Whether new to the city or having lived here your whole life, the Charlotte school search process can be a complex one. There are many wonderful school choices, but many different types of programs and a multitude of timelines.   The one hour seminars provide families with a big picture overview that includes:

  • What you need to know

  • When you need to know it

  • What to do when things go wrong

  • Strategies and common practices for a successful school search

If you are confused about the difference between public schools, charter schools, magnet schools and independent schools and need help sorting out what is offered in our area then this seminar is for you.  We don’t discuss individual schools, but you will come away armed with lots of information to begin your school search with confidence.  Seminar fees are $15.00 per person (or family) and provides your family with practical steps to take for a successful school search.  Our seminars require a minimum of 6 paid participants.  Contact other parents you know and schedule one of our talks.  We can hold our talks in your home, neighborhood or pre-school.  

Our two topics are:  Introduction to Charlotte Schools 101 (our most popular) or School Transitioning: Middle School and Beyond.  

If you are interested in a seminar, please call or email us with your questions, and we will discuss scheduling and registration.   We are happy to gear the seminar to your group’s particular needs. 

If you are a business or real estate agent, we welcome your contact to discuss how we may be helpful to you, your firm and/or your clients. We can tailor our seminar topics to meet your clients’ needs and are happy to come to your place of business for our presentations.

STEM and STEAM Magnet Programs!  How do they differ?  STEAM includes the arts integration along with science, technology, engineering & math.

School Search 101

  • Not sure where to begin? This plan helps families develop a school search strategy for their child. We also provide a best-fit school recommendation to get you started.

Advanced School Search

  • This comprehensive plan is for families needing more in-depth assistance in finding the right school. Our personalized discussions about your child’s needs and your educational priorities guides our research and helps us analyze school options. We provide best-fit school recommendations for you to explore.

Premier School Investigation

  • Families facing a complicated school search situation may need more in-depth expertise. This plan may involve multiple children or unique circumstances that require more detailed research and discussion of needs. The plan also fits families who are relocating to Charlotte.

Parent Seminars

  • This 60 minute seminar, priced per person, provides families with strategic knowledge and practical steps to take for a successful school search. This seminar is reserved for groups requesting our service. Prior approval required before registration. NOTE: $15.00 per person.