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Could Success By Design Solve Teaching Crisis?

The staff at Shamrock Gardens seems to think so.  Our partner, Rachel Hunt, was with a delegation of NC legislators, NC Superintendent Mark Johnson and the Hunt Institute http://www.hunt-institute.org/ who spent a morning at Shamrock Gardens Elementary last week to observe an "Opportunity Culture" called "Success by Design" in the classrooms and from the mouths of

Attention Middle School Parents

If you have just found out that your eighth grade student is not doing his homework do not ignore it. I have been in conversation with three sets of parents in the past two weeks with this exact situation. These boys are from middle and upper middle class households with two parents. They have performed

Have You Written a Money Letter to Your Children?

Here is yet another thing we may have forgotten to do for our children - write them a money letter.http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/18/your-money/the-money-letter-that-every-parent-should-write.html?_r=0 The key points are:  heed your ignorance, beware of genius, stick to your selling plans and budgets are about values.  All of this is common sense to parents but not necessarily to our children.  So,

Student Assignment Goals Approved

The CMS school board met at Butler High on April 26th to discuss the student assignment goals, which were approved. District staff and hired consultants will use the student assignment goals and guiding principles to develop potential changes to the current CMS student-assignment plan. Any changes would take effect no sooner than the 2017-2018 school

CMS Sets Student Assignment Goals

CMS is continuing to struggle with how to improve low-performing schools while simultaneously addressing families' fears of losing their neighborhood schools. The following school assignment goals were approved at Tuesday's school board meeting. These goals will provide a framework on which all school assignments will be based.   Goals: 1.     Provide choice and promote equitable

Preschooler Play or Academics: What is most important?

My neighbor asked me if she should start teaching her two-year daughter to write her name.  I was surprised to hear this question and had to think about how to respond without offending her.  Luckily I had just visited the website for the National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), in preparation for

  • Struggling in School

Is your child struggling in school?

February is the time to determine your child's academic progress and tackle any issues that they may be having prior to the end of year tests. The North Carolina end of grade tests (EOG) determine if your child has grasped this year's content and if they are ready to move ahead to the next grade.

CSS Speaks on Reassignment with South Charlotte Weekly

Reassignment incites conversation about students’ individual needs Posted by Courtney Schultz on December 23, 2015 in Education Three south Charlotte women think they could guide parents in school choice   Three south Charlotte women want area parents concerned about Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ student reassignment changes to realize “it’s going to be OK.” Rachel Hunt Dr. Suzanne

What Parents Need to Know About CMS Magnet Options

So the beginning of a new year is here and it may only be halfway through the academic year, but it's time for the CMS magnet lottery. While there are 3 rounds of magnet lotteries offered, to ensure a space in the magnet school of your choice, it is important to enter the 1st round

Does YOUR School Have What it Takes To Be a GREAT School?

The Education Guide of Charlotte Parent recently polled some regional Charlotte education experts about what makes a school GREAT. Charlotte School Search partners Rachel Hunt and Suzanne Cormier were happy to contribute to the story: http://www.charlotteparent.com/CLT/Education/7-Factors-Great-Schools-Have-in-Common/ Do you see factors that you want to change in your school? Do you wonder which of our area