CMS is continuing to struggle with how to improve low-performing schools while simultaneously addressing families’ fears of losing their neighborhood schools. The following school assignment goals were approved at Tuesday’s school board meeting. These goals will provide a framework on which all school assignments will be based.



1.     Provide choice and promote equitable access to varied and viable programmatic options for all children

2.     Maximize efficiency in the use of school facilities, transportation and other capital and operational resources to reduce overcrowding

3.     Reduce the number of schools with high concentrations of poor and high- needs children

4.     Provide school assignment options to students assigned to schools that are not meeting performance standards established by the state

5.     Preserve and expand schools and programs in which students are successfully achieving the Mission and Vision of the Board.


 We will continue to monitor the board’s work on how these goals will impact your student’s school assignment and keep you posted.