February is the time to determine your child’s academic progress and tackle any issues that they may be having prior to the end of year tests. The North Carolina end of grade tests (EOG) determine if your child has grasped this year’s content and if they are ready to move ahead to the next grade. This test can also be used to determine magnet school eligibility.

Sometimes, there may be a learning issue that prevents your child from scoring high on the test or from grasping some of the year’s knowledge. In these cases, if you don’t know your child’s learning hurdles, but feel that there are some problems, we recommend more comprehensive academic testing.

What can these tests do? These tests can show cognitive or psycho-social issues that are hurting your child’s ability to learn, express or retain information.  What can I do? Begin by reaching out to your school counselor. Request that your child be assessed. Some schools are overwhelmed by the amount of testing needed or by the sheer number of students in the school.  You will need to find out how long this process will take.  If it will be several weeks or months, your child may miss out on the help that they need. This is when hiring an independent professionally licensed tester might be best. To find a test administrator, ask your school counselor for a recommendation. If they do not have a suggestion, reach out to a psychologist who specializes in children and assessment. They may be licensed in academic testing or should be able to offer a good referral. Either way, now is the time to seek professional guidance if you fear your child may not pass this spring’s EOGs. The tester should provide written results which note your child’s specifi learning or social-emotional deficits and suggestions as to how to best address these in an academic setting. This report should be taken to your school and an Individualized educational plan (IEP) will be created to help your child succeed.

As a parent you are in the driver’s seat with this testing avenue. Don’t delay.
(More about IEP’s next month)