Today’s Charlotte Observer had an article every parent should pay attention to:  “Report: Teen suicides in Mecklenburg on the upswing”.  Click the title (above) or ‘Read More’ (below) for this full post.

What are we doing wrong in Mecklenburg County?  Why are teens here, especially in middle school, so depressed as to commit suicide?

Here at Charlotte School Search we believe a key to a child’s mental health is attending a school that nurtures each child from elementary through middle and high school.  Middle school children spend a minimum of six hours a day at school.  The wrong school will affect your child.

We have first hand knowledge of how the right fit in middle school affects a teen’s mental health and academic performance.  Academic performance can be addressed at various times in a student’s career but good mental health must be  viewed as paramount in importance.

It isn’t  a problem somewhere else with someone else’s children.  It is here.  There is help.  There are schools available.