School Transitions

While it can be tempting to try for a school that’s on the top of everyone’s list, sometimes the top of the list school is not the top for your child’s needs.

What if the school your child is attending is determined not to be the “right fit”?

What then…

We can help.

We know that sometimes what appears to be the best school for your kindergartener is not the right school for your fifth grader. Sometimes the middle school in your home zone is not the emotional or academic best for your young adolescent.

Looking for the perfect high school to prepare your teen for college or work?  We can inform you on the multitude of secondary school choices and find the best high school to meet your teen’s goals for a happy successful life.

We understand.  We will meet with you and your child and review ALL of the options to determine the best next step for your child. There is a school to fit your child’s academic needs and we will help you to find it.

We look forward to working with you as your child’ s educational path continues.


After our initial phone contact, families are directed to the appropriate school search plan.  Our family sessions can be held via telephone or at your home, office, or on-line.  The cost for helping you find the perfect school is approximately $100 per hour. 

School Search 101

  • Not sure where to begin? This plan helps families develop a school search strategy for their child. We also provide a best-fit school recommendation to get you started.

Advanced School Search

  • This comprehensive plan is for families needing more in-depth assistance in finding the right school. Our personalized discussions about your child’s needs and your educational priorities guides our research and helps us analyze school options. We provide best-fit school recommendations for you to explore.

Premier School Investigation

  • Families facing a complicated school search situation may need more in-depth expertise. This plan may involve multiple children or unique circumstances that require more detailed research and discussion of needs. The plan also fits families who are relocating to Charlotte.

Parent Seminars

  • This 60 minute seminar, priced per person, provides families with strategic knowledge and practical steps to take for a successful school search. This seminar is reserved for groups requesting our service. Prior approval required before registration. NOTE: $15.00 per person.