FAQ Page

  • We are parents who have spent much time researching and finding the right schools for our children, and we have helped other families in their successful school search process.
  • We gather up to date school information regarding admission guidelines, program changes, timelines and new school developments.
  • We have in-depth knowledge of the local schools, including charter, magnet and specialized program offerings, gained from our extensive school visits.
  • We believe that every child and family is different, and finding the right school fit can be a stress-free successful journey when families are informed and their needs considered.
  • We are educational professionals with backgrounds in teaching, school and college counseling, and educational psychology.
  • By using our services your school search process and decision-making time will become more manageable and focused.

Yes. We cover all types of schools in the Charlotte area. We are in the process of expanding to other school districts outside of Mecklenburg county. We do address general differences in public, private and charter school education.  

  • After you complete our confidential general contact form we will email you a response and ask you to provide further information about your needs and situation.
  • We will review your information and then give you an overview of consultation delivery choices that we feel will work well for you. We are flexible and want to meet your needs and budget.

No we are not.

We do not guarantee school admission, nor do we fill out any educational forms for school admissions.

  • You will gain detailed information and guidance about possible Charlotte schools that fit your educational goals for your child.
  • Based on your goals we will help you identity schools that you will be prepared to further explore.
  • Our seminars are designed to give families a general overview of Charlotte public schools. IMPORTANT: We do not provide specific school information in these seminars.
  • We will be offering seminars in various locations beginning in the fall. Please refer to our home page for a list of dates and locations.
  • We are happy to conduct a seminar to a small group of families and will come to your home, neighborhood or business location. We provide this seminar to a minimum of four families.
  • Our seminar topics may include:
    • Getting Started: Introduction to Charlotte schools
    • Admission Facts, Timelines and Application Procedures
    • Important things to examine when visiting schools
    • Factors to Consider in Your Decision: Factors beyond test scores.
    • Public vs Private. We address this area briefly.
    • Lotteries for Magnets
    • Charter Schools and Magnet Schools

Yes. If you attend one of our seminars your face to face session fees will be reduced.